Original Karungali Kattai Malai 6MM – 108 Beads Karungali Malai | Ebony Wood Necklace

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  • Made From Original Karungali Kattai (Ebony Wood)Polished 6 MM Beads are used for this Karungali Malai & Bracelet Design.Our All Karungali Products Comes with a Guarantee CardThe Ebony tree attracts and stores supernatural forces with it. The implication is that the good forces in the universe will be absorbed into it, while the bad forces will be pushed out and not stay. The central portion of the Ebony tree is made into a round shaped beads and made into a garland(Mala) using a copper wire or a cotton thread. Wearing and using Karungali Mala will bring success, career growth, avoidance of cash shortages, helps peace of mind, removal of long-standing barriers to victory, elimination of laziness, anxiety and mental fear, Karungali belongs to the Angara Gragha(Mars). All the benefits given by the Angaraha can be obtained by wearing this original Karungali Malai/Bracelet.Both men and women can wear this, This Karungali Mala can be used for meditation, chanting mantras and even as a garland for god idols. How to Wear Karungali Malai : The Karungali Mala needs be first washed once in raw milk and then washed in pure water, allow it to dry well then wipe it with a clean cloth.

    At an auspicious time wear it after worshipping your favorite deity or Kula Deivam. Who Can Wear Karungali Mala: Can be worn by all zodiac signs and can be worn by both men and women. Women can wear this mala at all times, similar to how women wear mangal sutra.

    Important Note to Follow:
    We should not wear Karungali Mala, Karungali Bracelet, Sphatik Mala, Lotus Seed Mala, Rudraksha Mala while bathing,as most of us use soaps and shampoos containing chemicals.



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6 MM D-1, 10 MM D-1, 10 MM D-2, 8 MM Knot, 4 MM kids, 4 MM Adults, 8 MM With Rudraksha, 6 MM Non Polished, 8 MM Non Polished, 10 MM Non Polished, 8 MM Polished

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